I can’t decide between the MultiPlus-II and Quattro, which should I choose?

The core functionality of both inverter series is the same, which can make it confusing to decide between them.
The biggest difference is that the MultiPlus-II has a single AC input and two AC output, while the Quattro has two AC inputs and two AC outputs.
If your use case requires a petrol/diesel generator for standby power, then Quattro is the more suitable option.
Typically, Quattro is chosen by businesses such as hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, any application that relies on a generator for back up power. 
In such applications usually the energy consumption is high, and the function of batteries is to provide instantaneous backup, until the generators come online and provide long-term backup power.
For most households, regardless if they own an energy storage system or not, the MultiPlus-II series makes more sense, as the second AC input of the Quattro is not necessary. 
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