What are the most common problems in photovoltaic installations, and how to prevent them?

Even when using high-quality components from reputable manufacturers, there is always a possibility that a component arrives defective or damaged. With this in mind, we inspect every component thoroughly before installation and test the system comprehensively before commissioning. 

The expected lifetime of a photovoltaic system is around 30 years, and as time passes, several types of faults might occur:
Connector mismatch - this is by far the most common fault with photovoltaic systems. Even if the connectors fit, they may not be fully compatible, and the resulting problems can take several years to manifest. 
Usually, this happens at the junction between the first or last panel in a string and the cable going to the inverter. It is up to the installer to choose the correct connector that will plug into the first and last panel in a string (the other end of the cable that plugs into the inverter will use the connectors supplied with the inverter).
It is easy to avoid this problem by choosing the correct make and type of connectors.

Inverter malfunction - inverters are complex electrical devices with sophisticated electronic control that handle significant amounts of power and heat. To minimise the chance of inverter malfunction, we rely on established brands with a strong reputation for quality and excellent warranty service.

Panel faults - these include hotspots, micro-cracks in the glass, delamination (separation of the individual panel layers), etc. As usual, the best way to prevent issues is to rely on high-quality components and sturdy mounting systems that reduce the mechanical stress on the panel. 

Mounting system faults - these can include roof leaks (if the system requires penetrating the roof), corrosion, and fasteners becoming loose.
It is a good idea to inspect the condition of your photovoltaic system periodically to ensure that it is operating as intended and that any potential problems are discovered and addressed as soon as possible.
Feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions about your photovoltaic system.
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