10 kWp photovoltaic installation in Belashtitsa

10 kWp photovoltaic installation in Belashtitsa
In Belashtitsa, a village near Plovdiv, Building Services Plovdiv has constructed a new photovoltaic installation.
With a peak power of 11 kWp and paired with batteries with a capacity of 14 kWh, the system is ideally sized for the household.
The photovoltaic panels are placed on the roof of the house, which is constructed out of timber with a bitumen membrane on top. This has allowed us to use our proprietary, simplified mounting system, which combines an attractive price together with low weight per square metre.

The panels we used are from Ulica Solar, and the exact model is UL-545M-144HV, which you can check out in our web store. This model is ideal for such installations as it is very compact for its rated power output. The system comprises 21 such panels, each with a peak power of 545 W, grouped in 3 strings.
Three Victron MultiPlus-II inverters work in parallel to provide a three-phase power supply. The batteries – a pair of AQ-LITH EnergyBox 7 kWh units, charge via a Victron SmartSolar MPPT solar charger. All devices are managed, monitored and connected to the internet via a Victron Cerbo GX communication centre.

Without a doubt, this type of photovoltaic installation offers numerous benefits. The household will have virtually no electric bills for a significant portion of the year. The inverters will always provide an excellent A/C power supply for all household appliances, minimising the risk of faults due to brownouts or other issues with the power supplied from the grid. In the case of a blackout, the home will still have electricity thanks to the EnergyBox battery backup.

If you wish to add a photovoltaic system to your home, do not hesitate to get in touch.
The Building Services Plovdiv team is always here to answer your questions!
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