15 kWp installation for a convenience store in Plovdiv

15 kWp installation for a convenience store in Plovdiv
A small convenience store in Plovdiv will be enjoying lower electricity bills!
Building Services Plovdiv is presenting another completed project – a 15 kWp rooftop PV installation for a convenience store in Plovdiv.
The roof is constructed from structural insulated panels, which made installing the photovoltaic panels quick and easy.
We used mounting hardware from Schletter including SingleFix Pro and ClapmFit Pro as well as low profile Rapid16 clamps.

The system features 28 Mono UL-545M-144HV panels from Ulica Solar, each outputting 545 Wp.
The panels are grouped in 4 strings of 7 panels each, and they feed into a Victron MPPT-RS SmartSolar 450|200-Tr solar charge controller with 4 independent MPP trackers.
This guarantees excellent performance even under less than ideal conditions such as partial shading.

Three single-phase Victron MultiPlus-II 5 kVA inverters are configured to work together in sync and provide three-phase AC power.
The system is also equipped with batteries for local energy storage – two QA-Lith EnergyRack 5,12 kWh modules for a total of 10 kWh storage capacity.

The Victron Cerbo GX communication centre manages the system and allows remote access for monitoring and administration.
One of the stand out features of Victron based PV systems is precisely the Victron Remote Management portal, which is feature packed and easy to use.

If you are a small business owner, now is a great time to invest in a photovoltaic system.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Building Services Plovdiv is always available to assist you with your PV project.
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