200 kWp rooftop PV installation in the village of Voivodinovo

200 kWp rooftop PV installation in the village of Voivodinovo
Building Services Plovdiv presents one of the first large installations we built, with a power of 200 kWp it powers a factory in the village of Voivodinovo
This installation was one of the first industrial-scale photovoltaic projects for Building Services Plovdiv, and it was also the first opportunity for us to put many new and innovative solutions into practice.


As can be seen from the photos, this is not the typical ballasted rooftop photovoltaic installation.
The building has a flat roof with a PVC membrane, which made it ideal for our new lightweight and puncture-free mounting system.
PVC profiles with aluminium inserts are "welded" with hot air to the membrane, which gives exceptional strength to the structure, while at the same time it is light because there is no need for pavers/ballast.
The rest of the structure is made of galvanised steel profiles, and has a south/southeast orientation.

Photovoltaic panels / peak power
The peak power output of the system is 200 kWp.

The installation uses nine Eco 27.0-3-S three-phase string inverters from Fronius, each with a power of 27 kW.

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