30 kWp installation near Plovdiv

30 kWp installation near Plovdiv
Building Services Plovdiv has successfully finished one more photovoltaic installation, the location this time is a tyre service centre near Plovdiv.
The building on which the panels are installed has a metal roof with two slopes, facing east and west respectively.
We used construction elements from Schletter, including Klicktop stands, Solo aluminium profiles, and Rapid16 low-profile clamps.
The built-in rubber seals on the mounting bolts ensure a waterproof seal without the need for additional sealant/mastic.
All elements of the construction are made from aluminium or stainless steel, as a result, this construction will never corrode.

A total of 56 Ulica Solar Mono UL-545M-144HV panels are installed, each with a maximum output power of 545 Wp, and a total system power of 30 kWp.
The photovoltaics are grouped into 4 strings of 14 panels each and connect to a 25 kW SMA Sunny Tripower X grid inverter, with built-in MPPT solar controller and communication functionality.
The customer can monitor the status of the whole system easily via the SMA Sunny Portal.

If you are interested in powering your business with clean energy from the sun, do not hesitate to contact us!
Building Services Plovdiv is always ready to help you make your ideas into reality.
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