30 kWp photovoltaic installation in Zlatitrap

30 kWp photovoltaic installation in Zlatitrap
Today we’re presenting another 30 kWp ground mounted solar power installation, this time in the village of Zlatitrap.
The construction is custom made as per the client’s specifications and uses galvanised steel components. It features screws that are driven into the ground which simplifies the construction process.

The PV installation uses 56 Ulica Solar UL-545M-144HV monocrystalline panels, each with an output of 545 Wp. The panels face south south-east, they are grouped in 4 strings of 14 panels each, for a combined output of 30 kWp.
The strings feed into a single Kostal Piko CI 30 kW, this model features independent MPP tracking as well as communication capabilities.

30 kWp ground based installations are becoming popular amongst homeowners with larger yards, thanks to their excellent price to performance ratio and simplicity of construction.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have regarding photovoltaic systems.
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