500 kWp photovoltaic installation in Belozem

500 kWp photovoltaic installation in Belozem
Today Building Services Plovdiv is presenting a large 500 kWp photovoltaic installation.
With its combined output of almost 500 kWp thanks to 1204 Mono UL-415M-144 photovoltaic panels from Ulica Solar, it powers a textile factory in the village of Belozem. 
We started construction in the late autumn of 2022, and despite the unfavourable weather, the work did not stop until we brought the project to fruition.

The panels are combined in 40 strings that feed 10 SUN2000-50KTL-M0 grid-tie invertors from Huawei each rated for 50 kW power output. For this project it was necessary to install two custom-made electrical panels as well.
The solar park spans across three different rooftops, all with different inclinations and at different heights. The HVAC equipment that was already on the roof, and the additional chillers planned for the future all had to be taken into account when planning the layout of the construction.
The mounting system was developed in-house and doesn’t require any drilling – the base PVC profiles are simply welded to the PVC membrane. This system strikes an optimal balance between structural integrity, low weight per m2, and an attractive price. The factory is located on an open field with frequent and strong gusts of wind, but this poses no problems for our installation.

Installations like this one are an important step towards environmentally sustainable industry.

Regardless if you’re a homeowner or an entrepreneur, you can rely on Building Services – Plovdiv to be your reliable partner.
Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can assist you with your photovoltaic installation.
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