Building Services Plovdiv is now an official parter of Comsys AB, Sweden

Building Services Plovdiv is now an official parter of Comsys AB, Sweden
Building Services Plovdiv is partnering with Comsys to bring the company’s legendary ADF range of products to Bulgarian customers for the first time.
What is an Active Dynamic Filter, and who is it for?
An active dynamic filter is a sophisticated computer-controlled current generator that can instantaneously produce any shape or form of compensation current.
Comsys developed the ADF range for three-phase grids powering non-linear loads, where the THD reaches more than 8%.
An ADF will ensure that the characteristics of the electricity powering your equipment are as close to ideal as possible and the disturbances generated by industrial equipment do not make their way back into the grid.
Optimising the power factor and suppressing harmonics is more than just a matter of regulatory compliance - it is a smart way to save money through lower bills and by prolonging the life of expensive industrial equipment!
Why Comsys?
Comsys is the pioneer and the world’s leading manufacturer of Active Dynamic Filters.
The Comsys ADF family of products are engineered and manufactured in Sweden.
ADF devices from Comsys can be found in factories, mines, large data centres, offshore oil platforms, particle accelerators, and even Royal Danish Navy warships.
Over 5000 companies and organisations around the globe use solutions from Comsys, including well-known companies such as BMW, Microsoft, Volvo, Siemens and Samsung.
As the sole Comsys partner for Bulgaria, Building Services Plovdiv can now offer these cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

If your business is experiencing problems with harmonics or power factor inefficiencies, do not hesitate to consult us so we can determine whether an ADF is the correct solution for you.
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