New 26 kWp photovoltaic installation in Plovdiv

New 26 kWp photovoltaic installation in Plovdiv
Recently we completed another photovoltaic installation, this time with a peak output of 26 kWp, supplying power to a store in Plovdiv.
We're introducing another completed photovoltaic installation, this time in Plovdiv.
The panels are on the rooftop of a warehouse belonging to a hardware store and supply power to the business. 
The combined power output is 26 kWp, courtesy of 48 Ulica Solar UL-545M-144HV panels, each with an output of 545 Wp.
The rooftop on which the panels are mounted is covered in PVC membrane. We used our in-house mounting solution that allows us to "weld" the base profiles to the membrane.
With this system there is no need to drill holes, which completely eliminates the risk of damage to the membrane and leaks, while at the same time maintaining excellent structural rigidity.  
We used mounting hardware from Schletter and all of the elements are manufactured from aluminium, while the bolts are made from stainless steel.
This makes the construction extremely lightweight and corrosion resistant at the same time.


The inverter configuration is also quite unique, as in this system we are using inverters from Victron and SMA at the same time.
The first half of the panels (4 strings with 6 panels each) are connected to a Victron SmartSolar MPPT RS 450|200-Tr solar charge controller feeding three Victron MultiPlus-II 5kVA inverters, configured for three phase power.
The second half of the panels (2 strings with 12 panels each) are connected to an SMA Sunny Tripower X 15 kW three-phase inverter with integrated MPPT tracking.

The system also features four AQ-LITH EnergyRack 5,12kWh rack mounted batteries for local energy storage, for a combined capacity of a bit over 20 kWh. 
The battery modules are designed to fit in a standard 19" server rack and have a 3U height, they are housed in a server rack manufactured by Schrack. 
Some of the additional equipment installed includes an EM530 three-phase power meter from Carlo Gavazzi, as well as a Victron Cerbo GX communication module.
The Cerbo GX works with both the other Victron devices as well as those from SMA, Carlo Gavazzi and Battery Supplies.

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