New 34 kWp photovoltaic installation in Plovdiv

New 34 kWp photovoltaic installation in Plovdiv
Today we are presenting a new photovoltaic installation we built on the roof of a store in Plovdiv.
The installation consists of 63 Ulica Solar Mono UL-545M-144HV panels, each with a maximum output power of 545 Wp, totalling a combined power output of 34 kWp.
The panels are grouped into four strings and supply power to a 40 kW three-phase grid inverter, the Huawei SUN2000-40 KTL-M3, that connects to the internet via a Huawei Smart Dongle WLAN-FE.

The photovoltaic panels are mounted on a flat roof protected by a PVC membrane. Thanks to this, we could use our lightweight and non-penetrating mounting system.
We employed EJObar profiles from the British manufacturer EJOT, which are "welded" directly to the membrane.
This method ensures incredible mounting strength while avoiding the risks of damage to the membrane or water leaks entirely.

The galvanised steel supports are custom-made to perfectly fit the Ulica Solar panels we've used, ensuring a secure and precise installation.
Since the panels are large and have a length of 228 cm, each of them is secured with six mounting brackets for exceptional structural strength.
The construction is equipped with wind deflectors for additional safety and to reduce wind-induced stress on the panels.

If you are interested in adding a photovoltaic system to your business, feel free to contact us.
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