Today we're introducing an off-grid system in Tsarimir

Today we're introducing an off-grid system in Tsarimir
BSP has constructed a fully autonomous off-grid system near the village of Tsarimir.
This system can generate up to 2725 Wp and operates completely off-grid, the building has never been connected to the grid.
The client's objective was to have electricity in a barn located on farmland near the village of Tsarimir.
We used 5 Ulica Solar UL-545M-144HV panels with a power of 545 Wp each, mounted on the roof of the building using a standard galvanized steel mounting system.
The panels are grouped in a single string and connected to a Victron MPPT RS 450|100-Tr solar charge controller. The controller feeds DC to a single-phase Victron MultiPlus-II 3kVA inverter, which converts it to single phase AC. The inverter also charges two AQ-Lith EnergyBox LiFePO4 batteries with a capacity of 5 kWh each, for a total energy storage capacity of 10 kWh.
The installation fully covers the electrical consumption of the building at present, and can be upgraded in the future if power demands increase.
We have trusted Victron as the leaders in off-grid photovoltaic systems with energy storage.

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