Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH is an HVAC equipment manufacturing company established by the inventor and entrepreneur Emil Siegwart. It began in 1975 in the city of Friedrichsthal (Saarland) in West Germany, starting with just a 500 m2 manufacturing base and only ten employees. 
Today the company continues to operate as a family-owned business, but since the passing of the founder Emil in 2013, it has been managed by his son Wolfgang and grandson Andreas. Over its long history, the enterprise has continuously gained success and growth and has implemented multiple innovations and industry firsts. 
Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH currently employs 180 people and operates a 10 000m2 facility, offers customers a vast selection of HVAC products, has a global presence, and partners such as Building Services. 

A history of innovation.
The company’s founder Emil Siegwart has multiple patents in the field of ventilation and the manufacture of HVAC equipment, including patents regarding flow regulators, flexible corrugated tubes, fans, machines for producing tubes, sheet metal processing, flanges, and more. 
Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH is a pioneer in laser welding technology, first employing a CO2 laser for automated welding in 1989, a device that did not have an analogue in the industry at the time. Not only that, Aerotechnik actively contributed to the development of the CO2 laser together with the industrial equipment manufacturer Trumpf. 
Aerotechnik is also one of the pioneers in automated warehouse management - the company deployed a computer-controlled high-rack warehouse as early as 1986. 
This proud tradition of innovation continues to this day - Aerotechnik continues to reinvest 7% of its annual turnover into research & development and new machines and equipment. 

A clear goal.
All of the company's R&D efforts are in the pursuit of making a positive impact on indoor air quality. Aerotechnik aspires to provide its customers with fresh, pure air that will contribute to people’s sense of well-being and health. 
The company’s products that make this kind of pleasant experience possible are often hidden out of sight behind suspended ceilings or are practically invisible behind walls or in engineering rooms. 
Nevertheless, the result of a proper ventilation system should still be immediately recognisable “in one breath” the moment one enters the building. 

An extensive range of standard and custom solutions.
The product range of Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH includes ventilation ducts & fittings, laser-welded bends, sound attenuators, shut-off dampers, multi-leaf dampers & smoke protection dampers, throttle valves, constant and variable volume flow controllers, and weather-resistant louvres. 
All of the products are backed up by extensive technical documentation that includes technical specifications and mounting instructions, along with all the relevant TÜV test reports and certificates for quality, air tightness, and cleanliness. 
In addition to the standard range of products offered by the company, Aerotechnik is also capable of modifying existing products and producing custom solutions depending on the customer’s needs. 
The company is DIN ISO 9001 certified and deserves praise for its high standards of quality and outstanding craftsmanship, backed up by extensive in-house testing, both for its standard products and the made-to-order designs. 

One of the best in the business.
Some of the products the company is particularly proud of are their versatile multi-leaf dampers, ducts, and high-quality duct fittings and silencers, as well as their proven throttle valves and shut-off dampers, and weather-resistant louvres. 
Aerotechnik’s mechanical and electronic volume flow controllers are a key contributor to a good room climate, through their precise air volume metering. There is also the LipStar double-lip sealing system that uses EPDM gaskets that do not age or degrade, resist corrosion from mildly aggressive chemicals and vapours, and last but not least - offer a great seal. 
All fittings, shut-off valves, flow regulators, and other products equipped with the system achieve an air tightness rating of D according to European standard EN 12237.
The company’s products and solutions have become an essential component of modern HVAC systems. Aerotechnik products are used everywhere – from restaurants to banks, shopping centres and sports halls to hospitals and laboratories, to the automotive and aerospace industry!
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