Comsys AB was founded in 2001 by a small group of Swedish engineers with an ambitious goal - to make power perfect, or as close to perfect as possible. The company is based in the Swedish city of Lund and develops digital energy control methods and products that optimise and improve energy flow in a wide variety of applications.

Comsys Solutions
Comsys provides robust solutions for both grid operators and applications within the sectors of industrial automation, building automation, manufacturing, oil and gas, data centre and marine, among others. By using modular development systems, Comsys can create small, medium or large energy management solutions with short lead times and high reliability. Comsys develops its energy management solutions with simplicity in mind, meaning its products can be installed and used with a minimum amount of time and training invested.

Global Impact
Over 20 years later, more than 5000 private companies and government institutions in more than 50 countries around the globe rely on solutions from Comsys. Comsys today is an established and trusted global partner, as its many success stories can attest to, but the company is always looking towards the future. Comsys is committed to continuous innovation, investing heavily in R&D, anticipating and addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

Active Dynamic Filters
Comsys is a pioneer of Active Dynamic Filter technology, and its ADF line of products is the industry standard for active filters. Using active dynamic filters solves multiple problems related to electrical disturbances that the oil and gas, manufacturing, marine and other industries face. From overheating transformers, shortened equipment life, nuisance tripping of circuit breakers, production downtime and even non-compliance with regulations. Comsys’ ADF devices can be found in many high-profile applications such as BMW factories, large data centres, offshore oil platforms, particle accelerators, and even warships of the Royal Danish Navy. The ADF product range is also increasingly being used in electricity production and energy storage, primarily from solar and wind, in order to meet the constantly growing demands of grid operators around the world. This success is due, in large part, to the ADF’s advanced technology and comprehensive feature set, including sensorless operation, resonance damping, advanced user interfaces, marine approvals and more. Compared to AFE (Active Front End), which is the traditional solution used with variable-speed motor drives, ADF offers up to 40% savings in total cost of ownership.

Company Philosophy
From the beginning, Comsys has aimed to become best-in-class in terms of both technology and customer satisfaction. By combining its unique application know-how with its renowned aftermarket service, Comsys has no doubt achieved its goal. Comsys' mission is to be the leading global supplier of advanced solutions for energy efficiency and power quality for all types of applications and infrastructures. But more than that, all of its staff and stakeholders are genuinely committed to improving the energy efficiency of our electric grids and aiding the transition to clean and renewable energy for our electrical supply.
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