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Fronius International
Fronius International
Fronius International GmbH, headquartered in Austria, was founded in 1945 by Günter Fronius. Initially, it was a one-man operation, and Günter focused on repairing radios and other electrical equipment in the post-war landscape.

However, being an electrical engineer by trade, Günter Fronius had the idea to build a device for recharging car batteries, allowing them to be used for longer, which solved a pressing issue at the time. With the creation of its first commercial product, the Fronius International we know today began. Not long after, in 1950, Fronius transitioned into manufacturing welding transformers and rectifiers. After decades of steady growth and success in the early 1990s, Fronius ventured into renewable energy and produced its first grid-connected solar inverter, the Fronius Sunrise, in 1994.

Today, Fronius International stands as one of the world leaders in renewable energy, battery charging systems and welding technology. Despite having a presence in over 60 countries, with 37 subsidiaries on five continents, the company is still in the hands of the Fronius family, with Günter Fronius' granddaughter Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß at the helm.

Areas of operation
Fronius International operates three main divisions:
Perfect Charging
Perfect Charging is Fronius International's oldest business unit. Fronius has been researching and developing charging technology since the very beginning of the company. The 1990s saw inverter technology applied for the first time to pulsed charging devices for charging vehicle starter batteries. The ACCTIVA series is a starter-battery charging system. In the field of traction batteries, Fronius offers the SELECTIVA series.

Perfect Welding
The business unit Perfect Welding provides welding products and technologies, including complete systems. Fronius offers both manual and automated (robot-operated) welding solutions. Around 1950, Fronius launched its first welding transformer with magnet-yoke-control, which allowed the welding current to be continuously adjusted. Fifty years later, the company launched the CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) process, which permits the thermal joining of steel to aluminium. The introduction of the DeltaSpot welding system (resistance spot welding system) finally facilitated the mass production of aluminium car bodies.

Solar Energy
The business unit Solar Energy has been involved in photovoltaics since 1992 and develops and produces high-performance inverters for grid-connected photovoltaic systems from 1 kW upwards. Complementing the inverter range are components and accessories for system monitoring, data visualisation and analysis - all available as standalone product add-ons.

Company Philosophy
Fronius International is a family-owned company with strong principles and convictions, driven by a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Guided by a philosophy deeply rooted in engineering excellence, Fronius pursues technological advancement to make what seemed impossible a reality and deliver products and solutions that exceed customer expectations. Every Fronius product embodies the company's unwavering dedication to precision, reliability, and performance, reflecting decades of expertise and craftsmanship.

Fronius International and Building Services Plovdiv
From the moment we ventured into photovoltaics, we chose Fronius inverters as the core of our first PV systems, and they have remained an integral part of our product range ever since. From the beginning of 2024, we have partnered directly with Fronius International, enabling us to offer our customers even better prices and support.
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