Sentera is one of the leading manufacturers of control solutions for HVAC and ventilation systems. Founded in 1997 in Belgium, the company has steadily grown and currently has multiple divisions and offices across Europe - in Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Its production facilities for electronic components and plastic enclosures are located in Bulgaria.

Product range
The company first started with fan speed controllers, but today manufactures a wide variety of products for the HVAC and ventilation industry. The product range includes electric heater controllers, HVAC sensors, sensor controllers, power supply modules, and distribution boxes. Sentera offers everything, from manual and on-demand solutions for AC or EC fan speed control, to simple - yet solid - transformer fan speed controllers, electronic fan speed controllers, and variable frequency drives. Even a complete range of potentiometers and control switches for manual control is available.

What makes Sentera products stand out from the crowd?
Sentera’s products are easy to install and use, whether standalone or combined with other devices, to build a complete HVAC control system. All products made by Sentera are designed to work well together to create a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS). Sentera devices can be managed locally or over the internet via a device such as the Sentera Internet Gateway. The company's portal - SenteraWeb offers options for data logging, continuous remote monitoring of all relevant parameters, and even remote control!

A customer-oriented approach is key to the success of Sentera.
Sentera’s philosophy is that of continuous improvement and R&D in close collaboration with customers so that it can better meet their needs. The company’s field of expertise is creating products for the HVAC industry that make ventilation systems more energy efficient and improve indoor air quality. A lot of Sentera’s products have been developed as an answer to a specific customer need. The R&D departments in Belgium and Bulgaria can customise existing solutions and create entirely new products to provide the perfect solution.

Sentera is an established business partner.
With over 20 years of experience in the ventilation business, Sentera has made numerous technological innovations throughout its history. In addition to selling products under its brand name through distributors such as Building Services, Sentera is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for other companies in the HVAC industry.

Sentera is an ethical business partner.
Sentera does not make compromises in any aspect of its operation, from the quality of the products it manufactures, to the relationships with its employees, business partners and raw material suppliers. Protecting the environment is a core part of the company culture at Sentera. The factory in Bulgaria uses solar power and high-tech, environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. All products manufactured by Sentera have been RoHS compliant since January 2005. Sentera also works with its material suppliers to ensure that it does not purchase so-called conflict minerals. When sourcing raw materials, the company doesn’t purchase directly from known conflict regions, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo or its neighbouring countries.
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