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Ulica Solar

Ulica Solar
Ulica Solar is based in Ningbo, China, and the company is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and an OEM of solar cells for other brands. 
The secret to the company’s success lies in its relentless commitment to quality control, ensuring not just the high quality of the finished panels but their exceptionally consistent performance as well. 
Ulica invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment from industry leaders from Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan and Spain. 
The company also invests heavily in R&D and currently holds 17 patents for photovoltaic technologies. Ulica’s research team is comprised of senior technical experts and senior engineers in the photovoltaic field, and the Chinese government recognises Ulica as a National Hi-tech Enterprise. 
The company is working in close cooperation with some prestigious institutions and Universities, including the Ningbo Material Technology & Engineering Institution (a research institute affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences) in Shanghai Donghua University.
Through continuous growth and improvement, Ulica Solar transformed from a small local manufacturer to a pillar of the photovoltaic industry. 

History and rise to prominence
Ulica Solar (full name Ningbo Ulica Solar Co., Ltd.) was established in 2005 by Shanshan Corporation, which is one of the Top 500 enterprises in China.
The company steadily grew from 2005 onwards, continuously expanding its production capacity and global presence. Over the years Ulica Solar obtained multiple quality certifications from independent testing institutions.
Beginning in Q1 2020 and every quarter since, Ulica Solar has been continuously listed among the Tier1 global photovoltaic suppliers by BloombergNEF.
Ulica Solar's manufacturing capacity has been increasing steadily, from 2 GW in 2020 to 3 GW in 2021, up to a projected 5 GW worth of solar cells and PV panels for 2023.
The company’s global presence is further strengthened by its participation in major industry events held around the world.

Product range
Ulica Solar manufactures solar cells for use in its own monocrystalline half-cut photovoltaic panels, as well as for other solar panel manufacturers (OEM).
The current product range includes the UL-415M-144 and UL-545M-144HV, which we make extensive use of in the photovoltaic installations we build.
Additionally, Ulica manufactures panels ranging from 375 to 670 W, available in various configurations, including bi-facial, transparent and all-black panels.
The company is laser-focused on delivering the best value-for-money photovoltaic panels on the market, without compromising performance or longevity. 

Building Services Plovdiv and Ulica Solar
Panels from Ulica Solar can be found in photovoltaic installations all over the globe, and Bulgaria is no exception.
We chose Ulica Solar because we were impressed with the quality of their products and because, as an installer, we want to work with an established manufacturer.
Our team at Building Services Plovdiv relies on the monocrystalline half-cut panels from Ulica for the PV systems we build for our customers.
We have installed thousands of panels, and our experiences with Ulica have been more than positive. 
So far, we have not encountered any defects or sub-par performance. More than that, we are delighted to see the remarkably uniform performance of the panels. 

The exceptional quality of the panels from Ulica Solar has earned the company our trust and the trust of our clients.

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