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Victron Energy

Victron Energy
Founded in 1975 in the Netherlands, Victron Energy B.V. started as a small company manufacturing power inverters. Over the years, Victron has grown into one of the world leaders in the industry thanks to its innovative and high-quality products. Today the company offers a vast portfolio that includes inverters, solar charge controllers, battery chargers, EV chargers, solar panels, monitoring and control systems, and more.
With a presence in over 60 countries worldwide, Victron Energy products are used around the globe in a wide range of general and niche use cases, including marine, automotive, off-grid, and industrial applications.

Product portfolio
Inverters and inverters/chargers: Victron Energy offers a comprehensive range of inverters and hybrid inverters/chargers. The product lines include Phoenix, EasySolar, EasyPlus Quattro & Quattro II, and MultiPlus & MultiPlus II.
Each of these devices is developed to offer an optimal solution to a specific use case. Victron has products for off-grid and grid-connected systems, within a wide power range. 

Solar charge controllers: The MPPT-RS family of solar charge controllers provide optimal battery charging performance. The huge range of MPPT solar charge controllers are well regarded and are some of the best on the market, especially when it comes to value for money and the huge variety of smart add-ons available.

Battery Chargers and Battery Management Systems: Victron Energy's battery chargers and BMSs provide reliable and efficient charging for all common battery types, including lead-acid, lithium-ion, and others.

Batteries: Victron offers a range of batteries with different chemistries optimised for a specific use case. These include Gel and AGM batteries, Lead carbon batteries and Lithium batteries. Most of Victron’s batteries are geared towards off-grid applications such as caravans, RVs and boats/yachts. 

Solar Panels: Victron Energy offers a range of high-quality solar panels designed to provide reliable and efficient power generation for off-grid and grid-tied applications.

Monitoring and Control Systems: Victron Energy's monitoring and control systems from the GX family provide real-time data and analytics to help users optimise their power systems and ensure reliable operation. The functionality of these devices is enhanced by the Victron Remote Management (VRM) online portal, which is completely free for users.

Accessories: Victron Energy offers a range of accessories designed to complement its power solutions. The accessories range includes battery monitors, cables, fuses, and more.

Software: With the growing popularity of solar energy storage and off-grid systems, the need for smart, remote control and system monitoring becomes crucial, Victron Energy remains one of the leaders in this field. The VRM software is possibly the most advanced and user-friendly platform available. 

Victron and Building Services
Building Services Plovdiv makes extensive use of Victron inverters, solar charge controllers and accessories such as the Cerbo GX and Lynx busbar in our PV installations. The Victron ecosystem of products all work well with each other, as well as with the AQ-LITH batteries we employ. The Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal offers great functionality to our customers.
The proven quality of Victron devices makes the brand our first choice for residential installations.

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