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Battery Switch top view
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Battery cut-off switch Victron Battery Switch ON/OFF 48 V | 275 A

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Product description

Victron Battery Switch ON/OFF is designed to make it easier to disconnect battery banks from your electrical system, but it can be used for other tasks too. The switch is designed to work in systems with a voltage of up to 48 V and a continuous current of up to 275 A. The device uses tin-plated copper terminals with M10 nuts for a low-resistance and secure connection. All four sides of the Battery Switch’s housing are removable, which makes mounting easy as the cables can be routed in the most convenient way. For additional safety the knob can be removed, preventing the chance of accidentally toggling the switch under load. The Battery Switch meets the ISO8846 Ignition Protection standard and is suitable for use in an engine room.

Additional specifications and description

The Victron Battery Switch ON/OFF is a convenient rotary switch with a unique ergonomic and aesthetic knob design. The device comes with 16 different stickers, representing the most common circuit types where the switch might be installed.
Thanks to its compact size, versatile mounting options, and customisable knob (via the included stickers), the switch will fit in any off-grid or home photovoltaic installation.
Aiding to its versatility is its high current handling capacity at 275 A continuous current rating. The switch can handle even higher currents for shorter periods of time, up to 455 A for up to 5 minutes, and up to 1250 A of surge current for up to 10 seconds.

The Victron Battery Switch ON/OFF is designed for energy storage systems using battery banks with a voltage of up to 48 V and a current of up to 275 A.
The typical application of the switch is to connect/disconnect battery banks and DC loads that are within the specifications of the switch.
Use cases of the switch include emergency cut-off of the load/battery, routine maintenance, or long-term storage of the system (in order to prevent battery drain).

Design and mounting considerations
The body of the switch is made from glass fibre reinforced nylon. It features a removable, ergonomic knob that can be customised using the included stickers.
The Battery Switch complies with the ISO8846 and SAE J1171 Ignition Protection standards, so it is safe to use in an engine room.
The device can be surface mounted or mounted behind a wall or panel with a thickness of up to 10 mm. When mounting the switch behind a surface, please use the mounting template included in the packaging to prepare the surface.
While all four sides, and even the back cover can be removed to allow the cables into the switch housing, it’s not recommended to route the cables via the top of the switch or leave the top panel open as water can get in.
The battery terminals are made from tin-plated copper and use M10 nuts, so the cables should be crimped with appropriate M10 cable lugs.

For more information, please refer to the technical documentation and manuals provided by the manufacturer, which can be found on this webpage.

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