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COMSYS ADF P25 main view
COMSYS ADF P25 main view
ADF P25 with hood
ADF P25 interfaces

COMSYS ADF P25 Active Dynamic Filter | up to 480 V / 30 A

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Product description

The ADF P25 is an active dynamic filter that is compatible with three phase low voltage applications up to 480 V and 30 A. It automatically eliminates harmonics and reactive displacement in a wide range of applications such as pumping systems, medical and industrial equipment and more. The ADF P25 active filter features the same excellent cutting-edge performance as its bigger ADF P300 or ADF P100 family members in a compact and cost-effective package.
Manufacturer's ID
ADF P25-30/480

Additional specifications and description

The ADF P25 is an ultra-efficient and easy to use active dynamic filter with a nominal compensation current of 30 A RMS (three wire, 480V).
Thanks to its compact design, the ADF P25 can be installed in locations with limited space, enabling easy retrofitting into existing electrical systems.
The ADF P25 can be commissioned using the Web User Interface (WUI) called ADF Dashboard using a wired Ethernet connection to a computer running a modern web browser.
An active dynamic filter is a sophisticated computer-controlled current generator that has the ability to instantly produce any shape or form of compensation current.
The primary function of the ADF is to suppress harmonics and improve the power factor of the load, thus increasing efficiency and prolonging the useful life of equipment.
The ADF P25 is compatible with all three-phase low-voltage applications. Typical applications include drive systems, pumps, offices and commercial buildings, medical equipment, industrial loads, UPS systems, large fans and other electric motors. Additionally, the ADF P25 can be configured to work in non-standard applications requiring custom optimisations.


The ADF P25 is a versatile device that can maximise the performance of your AC power supply regardless of the specific application.

The key features of the ADF P25 are:


  • Dynamic VAR compensation – The ADF P25 functions as a DVC (Dynamic VAR compensator). It can inject or absorb reactive power into the power system, depending on the voltage and frequency conditions.

  • Harmonic elimination – One of the main functions of the ADF P25 is to suppress harmonics.

  • Fully customisable harmonic compensation – the ADF P25 can compensate for a specific harmonic (up to the 49th harmonic).

  • Load balancing – The ADF P25 can assist in load balancing, preventing negative sequence currents.

  • Parallel operation – ADF P25 units can be used together to scale up capacity as needed, offering flexibility and scalability.

  • Insensitive to network conditions – The device remains effective regardless of network variations or fluctuations, ensuring consistent performance.

  • Idle mode during low load (Standby) – The ADF P25 enters a low-power idle mode when demand is low, reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

  • Impossible to overload – Unlike traditional passive solutions that can be overloaded, causing permanent damage, the ADF P25 cannot be overloaded. More than that, even if the ADF is off-line, the AC load continues to operate.

  • Low response time – the ADF P25 responds to changes almost instantaneously in less than a millisecond.

  • ADF Dashboard – The ADF P25 has a convenient web interface for monitoring and control.

  • Floating grid frequency support – The ADF P25 can adapt to fluctuations in the grid frequency.

For more information, please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation available for download on this page.

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