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DRF2658C Zigbee to USB interface front view
DRF2658C Zigbee to USB interface front view
DRF2658C Zigbee to USB interface side view
DRF2658C Zigbee to USB interface with bundled accessories

DTK Electronics DRF2658C Zigbee to USB interface for Victron systems

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Product description

The DTK Electronics DRF2658C is a Zigbee to USB converter compatible with Victron-based photovoltaic and energy storage systems (Victron P/N ASS300420200). When paired with the DRF2659C Zigbee to RS485 converter (P/N ASS300420100), it enables wireless communication between a compatible energy meter, such as the Carlo Gavazzi EM24, ET112 or ET340, and a GX device such as the Cerbo GX.

Additional specifications and description


The DTK Electronics DRF2658C is a compact, reliable and low-power wireless interface powered by the Texas Instruments CC2530F256 SoC, using the Zigbee Pro protocol (also known as Zigbee 2007) to communicate with other compatible interfaces.

Thanks to its sensitive antenna (-110 dBm), it can achieve an excellent range of up to 1.6 km with a direct line of sight.

It is supported out of the box on newer GX devices and connects with a single USB cable for data and power.

The DRF2658C can operate in a wide temperature range from -40 ºC to 85 ºC.



The device is intended for use with Victron-based PV/ESS systems and a compatible power meter.

The DRF2658C offers wireless communication for systems and locations where a wired connection via the Victron RS485 to USB interface is impossible.

It plugs into a Cerbo GX (or another GX device) with a single USB cable and connects wirelessly to the DRF2659C Zigbee to RS485 converter (P/N ASS300420100), which plugs into the energy meter via RS485:

Zigbee wireless communication

Venus OS, the operating system running on GX devices, supports many models of energy meters from well-known and respected manufacturers such as Carlo Gavazzi and ABB.

The role of the energy meters when used in a system with a GX device is to measure the output of a photovoltaic Inverter, an AC generator or as a grid metering device for Energy Storage Systems (ESS), though they can also be used to measure AC loads.


Notes on software and hardware compatibility

Please ensure that your GX device is updated to the latest firmware, as the DRF2658C requires Venus OS v2.54 or newer in order to work.

Victron offered an older model of this converter - DRF2618A (P/N ASS300400100) and the corresponding Zigbee to RS485 converter DRF2619C (P/N ASS300400100).

The new devices are not backwards compatible and cannot be mixed and matched with the older models.

If you already use a pair of the older devices in your ESS and one of them fails, you will have to switch to the newer models.


Alternative options and other considerations

If it’s possible to run a wired connection between the GX device and the energy meter, we recommend using a Victron RS485 to USB interface as a more cost-effective solution.

This communications cable is available in 1.8 m and 5 m options, P/N ASS030572018 and ASS030572050, respectively, with the 5 m version available in our store.

Some Victron-compatible energy meters, such as the Carlo Gavazzi EM24, are equipped with an Ethernet port, making it possible to use a network connection instead of RS485.

While this is also an option, Victron does not recommend using network communication, as the devices will disconnect if there are any issues with the LAN, potentially causing complications.


For more information, please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation available for download on this page.


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